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Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development


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The Arab League Educational, Cultural & Scientific Organization (ALECSO), in cooperation with ISC, will host the first “Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development,” which will take place in Tunis, Tunisia, on 20-22 December 2013. Building on resolutions and recommendations from previous Arab summits, the forum will explore the role of higher education, research and development activities in cultivating sustainable, innovative and knowledge-based societies throughout the Arab world. 

Capitalising on its strategic location and the observation of the UN Arabic Language Day on 18 December 2013, the “Arab Forum for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development” will engage a wide array of experts representing Arab ministries, research and higher education institutes, development policy and regional industry. While maintaining its regional focus, the forum will call on input from global experts and members of the Arab Diaspora. 

The forum will encourage the exchange of views, experiences and best practices through facilitated workshops, roundtable meetings, break-out discussion sessions, technical and specialised training courses, business meetings and exhibitions.

Participants will convene around five core regional development priorities facing the Arab world:

  • Health
  • Renewable energy
  • Climate
  • Food security
  • Water

Immediate outcomes of this event will include the identification and implementation of mechanisms and strategies to enhance the contribution of scientific research in promoting Arab development policy and growth. Moreover, the format of the forum will provide an optimal platform for interdisciplinary partnerships between public, private and research sectors on a regional and global scale.

Horizontal discussion topics will include:

  • History of Arab science
  • Issues of international conventions related to research and development and innovation
  • Research infrastructure in the Arab world
  • Role of Arab industries (private and public sector) in venture capital for innovation
  • Role of Arab industries in promoting Higher Education
  • Arab Diaspora
  • Policy basis for global science cooperation
  • Standardisation of Arab R&D practices, funding and dissemination



When: 20-22 December 2013

Where: Le Palace Hotel, Complexe Cap Gammarth B.P 68, 2078 La Marsa, Les Côtes de Carthage,Tunis, Tunisia

What to expect: A series of targeted sessions focused on building new science capacity and cooperation initiatives to promote Arab sustainable development. The forum sessions will present the key stakeholders, tools and processes necessary to narrow the gap between higher education, research and development activities and sustainable development. 

Who should attend: Policy makers and officials, worldwide research community, representatives of academia, industry representatives, non-governmental organisations concerned with education, training and scientific research

Registration: Registration is now closed.

Contact/questions: [email protected]   



Are you interested in being a partner for this event? To learn more about partnership opportunities and how to take advantage of them, please contact [email protected] or call Ms Veronica Fernandez at +32 2 8888 114.

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