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ES:GC2 2013

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Participants’ Feedback

“I’d like also to thank Declan and the whole “global science” organizing team for this excellent event in terms of speakers, content, networking opportunities and set up.”

Maurice Sanciaume  - Director Government Affairs Europe, Agilent Technologies

"Thank you for including us in your Conference last week; I hope you are happy with its outcome.  It certainly gave a significant boost to the importance and prominence of science in general and there were speeches from some truly inspirational people which certainly will remain for a long time in my mind. ”

Elizabeth Crossick - Head of Government Affairs Reed Elsevier – Brussels

“Congratulations on a great job with the Conference.  You and the team did a terrific job in pulling it together.”

Rick Johnson - CEO, Global Helix LLC, Washington DC

“Now that the dust has settled, I want to congratulate you and the ISC team for organising such a great event at the Parliament. We certainly found it a very worthwhile experience, and I think a great model for future events. I hope I haven't missed anyone from the team - please pass on my thanks in case I have.”

Barry O'Brien  - Government Programmes Executive IBM

“Congrats again for a great performance last week.  It was a great success.”

David Byrne - Co-Chair European Alliance for Personalised Medicine

“Thank you for all of your hard work over the past few months to make this week so successful. This trip was very successful for me… I also met many interesting and interested people.”

Guy Thomas - Advisor, C-SIGMA Coordination Centre


“We wish to thank you sincerely for the opportunity to participate in this unique conference « EU-Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration (ES: GC2) » with a NEREUS-session. During our session we were very glad to welcome more than 80 participants, many we never had met before and with whom we engaged in a vivid debate on future EU-policy and programs.”

“In general we wish to congratulate you for this excellent conference with outstanding and impressive speakers and presentations. We were really impressed and appreciated very much to have compared to other Brussels based events a more global perspective.”

“Also we enjoyed very much cooperating with ISC Intelligence in Science and please send our best regards and thanks to your team.”

RA. R. Ayazi, Secretary General - NEREUS-Secretariat, c/o Regione Lazio

“Congratulations to you and all involved at ISC on the great success of this week's EU Science Conference.”

Neville Keery, Former Irish Senator and Senior European Commission Official, Member of the Irish Institute of International and European Affairs

“…your team did an awesome job this past month despite many challenges - thank you!”

John R. Callahan, PhD - Associate Director InfoDom, ONR Global London