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ES:GC2 2013

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Live webstreaming schedule below:

Tuesday 05.03 08h.30-09h00

Press Conference, "EU Science: Global Challenges, Global Collaboration” (ES:GC2):

Tuesday 05.03 10h00-11h45

ES:GC2 Opening Plenary

Tuesday 05.03 13h00-16h00

Future of Medicine - A Policy Basis for a New System European Parliament

Wednesday 06.03 09h30-12h30

Science For Global Development: Astronomy - A Case Study

Wednesday 06.03 13h00-15h45

100 Year Starship: Understanding and Addressing the Scope of the R&D and Societal Challenges for the Interstellar Journey

Wednesday 06.03 16h15-18h00

International Collaboration for Global Capacity Building 

Wednesday 06.03 16h30-18h30

Horizon 2020: Europe’s major new collaborative research programme - On the potential ICT solutions driving research priorities in H2020 Programme 

Thursday 07.03 09h00-12h00

Global Challenges and Global Collaboration in Assistive Technologies TBA


Thursday 07.03 13h30-15h00

Data Protection in an Era of Big Data TBA


Thursday 07.03 15h30-17h30

Conference Conclusions